Client Services

What our Clients can expect


  • Intelligent and open dialogue
  • Meaningful and relevant candidate profiles
  • No sales jargon
  • Progress reports
  • Ideas and insight for hiring strategy


  • Fitting into the Client's budgets and timescales
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Available out of hours
  • Happy contractors (paid on time and always updated)
  • Options
  • Exclusivity
  • Retained
  • Assessment Days
  • Technical Pre-screening
  • Market Mapping
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • In-depth Reference checking
  • Salary benchmarking

Efficient Delivery

  • A strong database/network of candidates worldwide (vital as so much talent is in other countries)
  • Excellent on-line resources
  • Social media being used sensibly and for a purpose
  • A recognised brand within the community
  • Well trained recruiters - all of them have:
    1. a good work ethic, energy and a sense of responsibility to deliver
    2. experience, personality and listening skills
    3. the ability to do the whole recruitment lifecycle asking the pertinent questions through-out the process
    4. the know-how to identify the right technical match and cultural fit for the Client
    5. the skills to head-hunt and make people open to an opportunity

Motivated Candidates

  • Always updated and responded to. Manners (sadly lacking in many recruitment firms) are of the highest importance
  • Well prepared for their interview
  • Expectations managed realistically (no over-promising)
  • CV and career advice
  • Good rapport and understanding is built up which means the candidate is more likely to come to Ascent and be open about their situation and motivations

Company Awareness

We are ambassadors for your organisation. Candidates are responsibly made aware of your company and the opportunity that could be available to them

Client Services