Candidate Services

Ascent Sourcing review all resumes received, and direct them to the appropriate desk. Upon receipt, the background of the applicant is determined to see if there may be a fit with respect to current open search projects. If there is not an active requirement at the time the resume is submitted, the firm will retain all information for retrieval when the next appropriate opportunity arises. All information is handled with the strictest confidence at all times.

Ascent Sourcing also specialises in marketing candidates with niche skills to appropriately identified clients, even when there are no roles seemingly available. Through cemented relationships in the industry, and constant awareness of the market forces shaping the employment landscape, the firm has the gravitas to offer qualified advice and carefully considered recommendations. Your profile will be put in front of the key decision makers, who will regularly consult with Ascent Sourcing, to make sure that the negotiation process is progressed in accordance with your requirements.

Unlike many organisations, Ascent Sourcing acknowledges the importance of open communication and visibility throughout the process. Phone calls will be answered and emails will be acknowledged. Requests for information, updates and feedback will be given objectively and honestly, at the earliest possible convenience.

Ascent Sourcing takes a holistic approach to its recruitment, realising that moving companies for purely monetary gain is not going to bring long-term job satisfaction. High importance is placed on identifying opportunities where the culture of the organisation and prospects for career development match the applicant's aspirations.

Ascent Sourcing works with an industry diverse portfolio of well respected clients based in various geographical locations in the UK and abroad. The possibility of re-locating to another city and/or country, should if well planned, be exciting, rewarding and life enhancing. The consultants within this firm have the client relationships and contacts to make this a reality.

You can be assured that Ascent Sourcing is amongst the elite in working diligently, pro-actively and intelligently. As a result candidates have made available to them better opportunities for significant career progression, obtaining increased remuneration and finding motivating work environments.

Candidate Services